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"Discover the Depths of Regret: An Immersive VR Journey of Reflection"

Unity 3D Game Design

Oculus VR

3D Modeling


The VR experience is designed to guide participants through a series of immersive interactions and stories that evoke specific emotions associated with regrets, such as anger, sadness, or remorse. Each object that participants collect in the virtual environment is connected to a unique story about regret. By listening to these stories and engaging with the virtual surroundings, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own emotions and choices in relation to regrets.


Jay - May, 2023 4 months


Zbrush, Blender, Substance Painter, Unity 3D, Qculus Quest 2


Ideation, Visual Desin, 3D Modeling, Game Design, VR Experience Design

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Mind Map

General User Scenario

The immersive virtual reality (VR) experience developed for this study comprises three levels (Figure ), each focused on a different emotion related to regret.


Design Process

World Building Process

World prototypes

I drew inspiration from architectural staircases to construct the mountain in conjunction with the metaphor of ascending a mountain, the following are the two major mountain prototypes I create for user testing.

  • Version One

    Version TWO

Final World Map

After user testing, I settled with version two Spiral Mountain as the final world map, which turned out to be more intuitive for participants to explore and provide the participant with the feeling of overcoming the mountain of regret.

Game Elements Design

Making the Unique Plants

Plants Inspiration & Moodboard

When designing the worldview and scenarios for my project, I was particularly drawn to a unique organism: the fungus. Fungi and human regret emotions share significant similarities. Fungi exhibit a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, with some being both attractive and toxic. Similarly, regret emotions vary among individuals, with some being toxic to their well-being. However, like toxic fungi, regretful emotions can be transformed into positive outcomes when handled properly. With the right approach, regret can be harnessed as a catalyst for personal growth and development.

Fungus model sketches

Major Fungus Models for the Fantasy World

Regret World Creatures Design

Unity Development Process

Developed the Landscape

Used Blender and Zbrush to create the landscape model of a three-level spiral mountain based on the previous prototypes and user testing results.

The overview of the regret mountain
The overview of the regret mountain

Adding Visual Effects

Created shader using substance painter and shader graph in unity for different models in the scene. Adding post-processing volume, post-processing volume for different levels of the regret mountain to match each level's scene and concept. Adding atmospheric effects to each story's station.

Unity Shader & Substance Painter

Post-Processing Volume & Atmospheric Effect

Conducted visual testing to determine the appropriate atmospheric effects that evoke feelings of anger, sadness, and remorse.

Adding Post-Processing Volume and Atmospheric effect to the Scene.

Overview of the regret mountain after adding visual effects

Interaction Design

Participants can explore various story stations, and interact with scene objects, each connected to unique memories and stories related to regret and associated emotions related to regret.

User Testing

For Our Final showcasing Event happened off-line in New York City, our team created the AR try-on for everyone to experience putting our digital garments on and get photoprints to bring it home.

Regret World Gallery

For Our Final showcasing Event happened off-line in New York City, our team created the AR try-on for everyone to experience putting our digital garments on and get photoprints to bring it home.