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"A initiative to democratize and promote sustainable runways"

3D Modeling

Virtual Production



Bring the NYFW to the Virtual World

An initiative to democratize and promote sustainable runways. In partnership with The Canvas Global, Inc, and Phenotype. Sponsored by rsrvmrkt. To bring a surreal runway show to life featuring independent designers from around the world. This particular work is enabled by Virtual Production using a real-time game engine (Unreal Engine) on a extended reality stage.


Sep, 2023 4 weeks


Zbrush, Blender, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine,


Ideation/Visual Design, 3D Modeling, Unreal Engine Level Design, Unreal Operator

Team Size


In This XR Runway

This project was collaborated with ten New York based fashion designers and a total of 50 models of diverse ethnic backgrounds. We constructed from the ground up, including modeling, staging, visual design in the unreal engine, as well as creating the physical stage which can sense movement to work with the virtual scene.

Unreal Scene Design

Design The Special XR Runway Scene

In this virtual production project, models have the opportunity to walk both on a simulated "New York subway" and in a fantastical runway environment.

Scene One - "The New York Subway"

Our intention in crafting a New York subway scene for the XR runway was to fashion an environment that could capture the essence of New York, an experience not easily accessible in real life.

Scene Two - Dream like Pink Runway

Scene Two - Ethereal Pink Runway

In designing this ethereal pink virtual runway scene, our aim was to capture and complement the essence of our collaborative designer brand. We sought to create an immersive XR experience that transcends the ordinary, bringing to life a dream-like ambiance that is not easily replicated in the physical world.

Our intention in crafting this dream pink scene for the XR runway was to matching the vibe of our collabrated designer brand, and we wanted to bring an experience not easily accessible in real life to truth.

Behind the Scene

Virtual Production Process

We employed camera trackers to transmit real-time positional data to Unreal Engine, synchronizing camera movements with the virtual environment. Additionally, sensors were affixed to the physical stage to relay models' movements to Unreal Engine, allowing the virtual camera to align seamlessly with each model's motion.

Credit list

Creative director - Tommy Wu
Executive Producer - Timothy Wang
Director - Tianyang Shi
Producer - Melanie Huang
Producer - Ash Zhou , John Zeng , Pablo Freese-Fernández
Line Producer - Cindy Kay Kang, Gengchen Wang
PA - David Liu , Jackie Huang , Mavis
DP - Rob, John Zeng
AC - Liam May, Chris
Dolly Grip - Pablo Freese-Fernández
Gaffer - William Dangerfield
Key grip - Ethan Berger, Max Guillen

BBE - Tim Chen
Grip - Marat Gazizullin, Adrian Paccini, Kwang Min Lee
VFX Sup - William Fang
Scene artist - William Fang
Unreal Engine Scene artist- Yamei Liao

Unreal Operator - Yamei Liao
Location DIT - Tim Chen
Editor - Sean Xiang
BTS - Chris , Abby Xu, Amy
Stylist - Layla Wan
Dresser - Angelina Jason, Natasha , Bryan.